I.T Cell / Self Learning and Resource Center

The SLRC of MCM is situated in the Campus main Library block and at the moment has more than 25 desktop computers with full internet access. The center is open from 8 AM to 3 PM in working days. The center is supervised by the IT Manager who is knowledgeable of resources and instructional technologies as well as pedagogy and is able to demonstrate collaborative skills to plan the SLRC program and services with other faculty, staff and students.

MCM Offical website

IT Solution & services

Networking & Data services

The Muhammad College of Medicine  Official website is developed and maintained by IT Cell/SLRC. All the information and news updates are uploaded on official website from here. The college has its own Website Managment Committee. Members of the committee are:

 Web  Admin : Ismail khan    

Qualification PhD Computer Science (pursuing)

IT Cell/SLRC MCM provides IT related services and solutions to staff and students of MCM. It includes data analysis, Design and printing, Computer hardware and software support.

 IT Manager : ImadAhmad



IT Assistant :Mr Aftab khan

Assisstant Coordinator :Mr Kashif

BSC(Computer Science)


Muhammad college of Medicine  has a wdie computer network which allows data communication and sharing of  resources. Accessed by student and staff. Users avails high speed internet facility over wired and wireless medium.It is coded and graded system hence each user has own unique Login authentication to access the network and resources.

Network Adminstrator