CEO Muhammad Teaching Hospital

muhammad college of medicine

Over a span of Eight years this one of the pioneer institution in private institutions has grown to symbolise all that is best in our profession. Our desire to excel is driven by our quest to become the top-most institute of not only this country but also Asia and I am proud to say that we are well on way if not already there. Excellence requires not only an unrelenting commitment to provide and work in the best professional environment but also a commitment to set in place a system that is updated and adapted to the changing demands of this ever-evolving profession.

We at Muhammad Teaching Hospital are committed to provide our students with all that is top-notch in our field. We have the highest number of specialists in our institute and we are proud of the fact that we have some of the brightest names in our faculty. We constantly update and review our clinical facilities to keep them at par with the highest standards of the profession. We have a healthy academic program spanning over four years in line with the directives of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

We also have an on-going co-curricular program including a college magazine, literary society and social welfare society. Students are not only exposed to a multitude of clinical cases but also actively participate in community- based activities including medical camps held on-&-off campus. We strive to be the best. It would be too cliched to welcome you to our institute but nonetheless welcome to Excellence.